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Weird wi-fi antenna connector, need coupler.

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I bought a couple antennas for a friend of mine. They were only $15 or something on eBay but they look sturdy. Unfortunately, however, the connector doesn't fit on any wi-fi devices I have tried (6 or 7 cards and routers, etc).

I think it is some variation of SMA/RP-SMA but it certainly not the 'normal' connector for home wi-fi devices.

I might just order different antennas but I'm curious about this.
Does anyone know knows where I can find couplers like the on pictured below in Canada?

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+1 Thanks for the guide but if you take a look you'll notice that my antennas type of connector isn't on there!

It is most similar to the male RP-SMA but the pin sticks out instead of in. I think these antennas may have been assembled incorrectly. They have a female RP-SMA connector in a male RP-SMA housing (silver metal part) which will make it impossible to connect it to anything without modding...

Time for me to get to work!
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