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Well, that was awesome

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I was just browsing and then all of a sudden my screen flickered and then came back, windows 7 recovered from a BSOD without ever crashing, the thing that ATI had, nVidia has in windows 7, it restarted the driver and then informed it crashed

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Same happens in Vista. It is because the driver is split into a user level and hardware level kernal, with the majority of code in the former. Thus, when a crash occurs, it will only bring down the user level kernal and not the hardware.

I probably got some terminology wrong there, but you get the idea.
i never used vista on my desktop

and the only BSOD ive ever gotten on vista was on my dads laptop and it was a kernal bsod so its new to me ^_^
Here it is in a little more detail. It was another great addition to Vista and Windows 7:

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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