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I believe Raptors are SATA II. You are comparing an apple to an orange. Those two things have nothing really to do with each other to compare.

The SATA type is just the maximum transfer rate. No standard hard drive is even close to saturating the SATA I's 1.5GB/s. Therefore SATA II and III are just gimmicks for now. It's like adding 5 more lanes to a 5 lane highway. However, it does do anything in performance since there is only 2 cars side-by-side on it.

A standard hard drive is 7200RPM while Raptor is 10K RPM. Raptor will beat any standard HD since is spindle speed is higher. Here are some benchmarks: (remember any non-Raptor 10K+ RPM HD is requires SCSI and is not comparable to standard P/SATA HD)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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