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I am in the process of doing my first OC and am looking for the appropriate motherboard.

CPU: Single Socket Westmere-EP. Very likely going to be an X5650 hex core (I already have access to) or an inexpensive E56xx quad core. I think the X58 based MBs are ideal; no need for the 5500/5520 dually MBs.

Primary Objective: Stable 24x7 OC which should last 3 years (i.e. components should not burn out due to OC). 4GHz should be good enough.

Other Requirements:
-> At least 6 SATA ports (2xSSD RAID0 + 4x RAID10 HD using Intel Software Raid)
-> Support for high speed SATA on two ports (2x SSD RAID-0).
-> Should allow tweaking of RAM sub-system to keep up with the CPU OC

-> Air cooled

No SLI/Crossfire support needed
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