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Got this CM case and CM AIO 240mm rad cooler.

I know the pump must be lower than the rad/res fro AIO.

Given the limitation of the small case, I decided to mount the rads on the side panel, however, should the I have the inlet/outlet tubes on the pump be on top or bottom?

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It really doesnt matter in this instance, as long as a portion of the radiator is higher than the pump.

If you want to get technical... Air is lighter than water (or glycol). Air will collect at the highest point.

If your inlet / outlet was your highest point, you may hear some gurgling at that location after the moisture content slowly evaporates from your CLC.

If your rad is side mounted, just make sure one of the coolant tubes within the rad is higher than the pump and inlet/outlets to avoid damage / mitigate noise.
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