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What a deal!?

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Yes no maybe? With your guys approval I might go out and buy it
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Looks ok, But i'd get a net book and just leave the gaming for your desktop.
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Well she is offering to sell it to me for $280. What do you guys think now

Would I be a fool not to pick this up if not solely for the purpose to resell?
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I would't...I mean you might get $400 for it on eBay if you're lucky
One very important thing is battery life. Check it out in person and if everything is good, get it. That's a good deal. Even great to let your parents use it as a spare to surf the web.

You never know if you can resell it for a good profit that is worth the hassle. Don't expect gaming results. $280 is a good price if the battery is good.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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