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What about Gaffers Tape?

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What do you guys think about Gaffers tape for a quick and colorful "paint" job?

How tacky (sticky) is Gaffers tape?

How thick is it generally?

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gaffers tape is amazing.
a bit expensive tho, so you want to cover your whole case in it? i think it would look interesting
gaffers gives a semi-cloth texture, and its decently sticky to surfaces, but it sticks to itself like you would not believe
thats the purpose of it, so you can say wrap it around something, it wont come loose, because where it overlaps its stuck tight
anyways, you should try it and post pix
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$6 for 60 yards.... 4 rolls of different colors..... meh... It cost about as much as some paint...

I'm concerned about how thick it is though.... The panel still needs to be able to go on.
Gaffer tape is very similar to Duct tape (possibly a bit thinner); the notable difference is in the glue, the Glue on Gaff tape is formulated such that it does not leave a sticky residue when removed. For these reasons it's commonly used in stage, theater, and live productions to secure, hide, and/or mark cables; the stage crew may even use Gaff tape or speed tape (narrow Gaff tape) as markings for locations of various persons/props during the show.

I presume zomgiwin may have been thinking of colored Duct tape or Gorilla tape as they are both significantly tackier than Gaff tape (Gorilla tape even more so than Duct tape).

If done right, it could look very interesting and with the Gaff tape you have the advantage that if you ever decided you wanted to remove it you wouldn't have such a huge mess on your case.

Dang I never figured I'd use the word tape so many times in a single post.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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