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What are normal temps for a 6600gt?

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What are they? Mine idles at about 42-47, and when I run atitool's cube render, it shoots up to about 88c.

Here's the card.
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LOL omg, I took off the heatsink, and there was only like...a thermal pad on the little agp converter chip, but it didn't look like there was anything on it, and just some crap white thermal compound on the core itself...NO thermal compound on the memory chips
I thikn I know why my temps are so high.
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A very carefull AS5 app will help the GPU... but be very sparing with it!!!
AS5 is a bit conductive and you don't wnat it anywhere it shouldn't be!
BTW... 90c is not all that hot, as many have stated ... my default shutdown is 145c
I know, I think I'm gonna take my drivers license or something and spread it...and I have some arcticlean that'll get rid of it quick

Yes people, Arcticlean 1/2, that little 2 bottle thermal compound cleaning kit, is friggin awesome...it took as5 off in chunks
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I must not have put the as5 on right...and I realized that the memory chips aren't even contacting the heatsink! I guess they weren't supposed to, it was just the converter chip and the core. So, the temps didn't change much
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