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What are the best NIC chipsets?

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I'm throwing together a untangle router/pc and was wondering what would the best/most reliable NICs to install. Gigabyte is not neccessary.

Honestly I'm just learing about NIC chipsets. I've only heard broadcom and intel. Who's got the best.
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Any major brand with goood driver support should be perfectly sufficent.

Intel, Marvell, Realtek...all good, with reliable, up to date drivers.

If I had to choose a best, I'd probably pick Intel, but the chances of you noticing a difference between any of them on a non-gigabit router are next to nil.
Realtek = Terrible brand.

Intel and Marvel are the best chipsets out there for NIC's.

Obviously can't have two good ones.

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Wouldn't this be a suitable application for that overpriced KillerK1.

Nope its never a good time to buy a killerk1
from what i hear if you buy an aftermarket NIC you just buy an intel pro NIC.
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