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What are the ingredients from RockItCool's Quicksilver?

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I've been trying to contact RockItCool since February regarding purchasing more Quicksilver and if they have a Direct Die for 12th gen and Ryzen 5000 CPUs. Zero response from them unfortunately. I tried direct email, the website contact form and their Facebook page.

I'm now trying to source a different product in my country (Netherlands) or from within the EU. I've called various shops that sell solder/electronics equipment explaining what Quicksilver is and asking them if they have a similar product. None of these shops had any idea what I was talking about.

Does anyone know what the ingredients are of Quicksilver and in what ratio they are mixed so I can try and make it myself?
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if you're paranoid about taking a (metal) razor to the die, just a bit of liquid metal on it and let it sit for a while and go at it with a plastic blade.

no idea what it's made out of, though.
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