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What are the temp readings in speedfan

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I just downloaded and opened up speedfan. The temps that are listed are:
Temp1: 45C
Temp2: 14C
Core0: 21C
Core1: 22C
I know that the core 0 and 1 are my cpu temps. What are temp 1, 2, and 3?
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Core 0 and Core 1 are the 2 cores in the CPU

Temp 3 is a bogus sensor

Temp1 could very well be your chipset temp.

Temp 2 i dont know
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I just checked everest also, which gave me about the same temps. I guess that temp 1 is my case temp (in everest, the temp that matched temp 1 was called aux, I assume aux is my case?). And I think temp 2 is my mobo. Thanks

Your chipset is running at 14C, have you got a custom cooler on it?

Temp 1 will not be your case temp.

you would never acheive 14C chipset with a case of 45C

Although i'm not sure what the aux is
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In everest, it says that my mobo is at 18C. Ambient temp is at 23C.

Oops, my BT fan was not on, now mobo temp is at 16C with fan on. Whatever
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