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What are your school cpu'S !!!

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My school has just recieved a brand new set of computer, and i just had to check what was in there. To my suprise, the cpu's where all e8400. It was so frustrated to see over 60 e8400, in the same room not being overclocked

So my question is what does your school have ?
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2GHz and 2.8GHz P4's from end-lease Dells

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I'm thinking Pentium 4's or D's. But nevertheless, the computers are still pretty crappy.
Most are pentium 4 2.8ghz but we got a few new computers with E2180s.
We all have E2200's with our lab being networked by a Xeon something will see.
High school had Dell's with 1.6GHz P4's. College give us HP tablets, and most of the computers on campus are all some sort of HP desktop machine. The engineering dept (lucky me) has some nice machines in the lab (As nice as you can get for premade stuff) .. There's a couple dozen quad core rigs with some 9800gtx+'s for the CS & CAD lab.
My high school has a bunch of cruddy p4's, and the computers in some of the rooms are 700mhz P3's

There are a few pentium D's, and some C2D's in the digital media classroom though.
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My school have a mix of some P4 and new 24" iMAC's.
Our middle school computer labs have e4300's, upper school computer labs have e6600's, and the library laptops have... sempron 1.8ghz. (?????) Last year we had T5800's in the laptops. Freakin' tech at our school.
2.4ghz P4, since i was in yr10, its been 2 years since i havent been to the school, they might of upgraded, But yeah small form factor DELLS

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2GHz and 2.8GHz P4's from end-lease Dells


same here except they are 3.2 northwooods i belive ugh dells.....
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We just got all new Dells with some kind of AMD's in them, i'm not familar with AMD so i really don't know. But some of the oldies are still in the library, which they are all P2's and 3's. yeah you heard me right.

But I do know that in our broadcasting lab we have a i think it's a G5 tower with dual quad core xeons, 2gb ram and dual 20" monitors (that thing is sick!), and two macbooks with like 2.5 ghz intel dual cores

And most of all of our mobile labs (laptops) are some kind of AMD also.
My school has some Pentium D's, E2180's, and new iMac's. The principal told me we'll be getting some new computers with Core 2 Duo soon.
Hmmm, not many AMD CPUs for the labs. Even to this date, you still see P4 as the main PC CPU for schools
. We got the same here, even the new PCs are just crummy P4s, BUT WITH HT TECHNOLOGY....
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but they need GPU's
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2ghz Core2Duos. Not sure the type or model number.
Radeon X1600

Basically about 4000 across campus.

In my media lab (which I'm an admin at school), we have

2x E-series (forgot the number) 2.4ghz core2duos with 8800GTX's and 2GB RAM
3x Q6700 2.66ghz with 9800GX2's and 4GB of RAM

All PCs are from Dell.
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