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What can be used as colourant?

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Okay, so I ordered all my parts as planned, and they should arrive soon, hopefully before I am carted off to New York - the only thing I don't have is colourant. I was hoping I could have some nice blood red liquid running through my pipes, but the shop wasn't selling any... and it was kind of expensive.. and I was already over budget.

Anyway, can I use food colouring? Okay, this is probably going to meet a chorus of 'Good God No', but I felt like I had to ask. I'm pretty sure it doesn't stain, and it's non-permenant, although might it mess up heat transfer?

Also, for a 1/2" ID tube, what size worm clamps would I need? All seem to be measured in milimetres, which I don't understand.
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OH GOD NO!!! lol

coolant coloring
more pretty colors!
colored additives - highly recommended!
even more choices! - the little fasteners are just above the colors too...

and for the clamps, get the ones that you tighten w/ a screw (not sure the exact name lol) but get around 14mm for 1/2" i think it is... you want it a little larger than the size of the tubing so you can slide it over the fittings.... but not too large or it wont be able to tighten down as well...

good luck
ya i pointed that out in one of my links... im not sure how he can get it "blood red" because all the color will be diluted in all the water, maybe put like 2-3 bottles of the coloring in...? idiot you know more about water cooling than me,so far that is...lol
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The Primochill PC-ICE stuff works right out of the bottle, you don't need to mix it with distilled water, it is already pre-mixed.
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oh....so how many bottles do you need for a typical WC setup...?

NVM, i thought about it 2-3 max... unless you have a huge resivoir....

Originally Posted by pbasil1

oh....so how many bottles do you need for a typical WC setup...?

About 1-2L, depending on the size of the RES.
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LOL, I suspected as much. I live in the UK, so none of those sites are much use to me, I don't think - not that I don't appreciate the help.

But that's why I was wondering about food colourant, because I really can't find anything that's colorant only. I bought some distilled water, so I don't really want a mix.

Oh, and the reservoir is pretty small. Don't have a huge amount of room, and besides, trying to keep costs down. I figure if 'you can get away without one', a small one should be enough for the time being.

Anyway, thanks a lot. I'll try and find UK resellers.
ya i would just look for some coloring of some kind over there... and you still wanna add some kind of additive to help keep all the seals in the pump fresh and prevent corosion on the bare metal parts aswell....
im off to bed... 4:45am here... im up way too late!

good luck man
I added red food coloring to my system to assist in tracing a suspected leak (Which turned out to be condensation from a class of lemonade). It colors very strongly (E-122, I think I used... Carmelosine? Unspellable), and didn't seem to be doing any damage. But I cant say anything about its long-term stability.
I don't see how using food coloring would cause any problems to you system since it is editable. like goldenpi said, for long term stability who knows but I don't think that the food coloring will have any corosive properites to your wc setup.
I've actaully been trying to find an alternative additive that is uv reactive that is not premixed in blue color. So if anybody has found anything like that... please let me know.
Sorry don't think I'm trying to hijack your thread.
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