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What can i get out of my 3800 64 AM2

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Im new to overclocking and i'd just like a rough estimate of what i could be aiming for with my current CPU.

Stock it runs at 2.42gHz hopefully it will be a little higher after my 1st breif step into overclocking lol

Thoughts? Oppinions?
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Single core if it runs stock at 2.42Ghz right?

With that processor, depending on your stepping, you could expect an OC of probably around 2.8Ghz.
it would be the 3800 single core that runs at 2.4....but Cwell is right...around 2.8 is a good place to hit. If your lucky 3
1st try at overclocing so im putting it at 2.65 to see how it holds up for a few days.

Doesn't look like i can change my multiplyer though. So by my calculations i think its stuck at 12

Does this limit my CPUs potential?
Clocked it at 2.82 but whenever i tried to start up windows it just asked about safe mode and all that crap.

Took it down to 2.75 and it booted ok but restarted its self after a few mins.

Dropped it down again to 2.7 and i'll leave it like that for a bit.
The multiplyer should be 1/2 locked and allow you to reduce it but not increase it from the default... provided you have that enabled in the BIOS.
I've looked all over the Bios and can't find a way to change the Multiplier.

I also tryed changing it via the nVidia control panel but it just crashes to desktop the second i click on 'Adjust Motherboard settings'.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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