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Hey guys

I finally managed to overclock my cpu, using a guide for 3.6ghz, it didn't work, until I set my ram on 1.2v and then it did (took me a year to figure this out

But I have a question, because @ 3.6 I idle at 50-60C, so I turned it down to 333x9
and ram in 1:2 (800) (supposed 1:1 will actually give better results (666?), but meh)

Anyway, so I changed it to 3ghz, and it was still hot, because the voltages were still for 3.6, so I lowered the cpu core to 1.25 (as low as my mobo will go) and it still worked.
With the voltages changed I now idle 38-46

But now I am wondering about the other settings, because I'm not sure exactly what they do:

CPU VTT- 1.2375
ICH- 1.60v
MCH- auto

using the guide, those are for 3.6, do I need to lower them to help get better temps for 3.0ghz?

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