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I'm needing a cheap used card for a micro atx build I am doing. I am thinking about getting a NZXT Vulcan or a Lian Li of some sort so it will need to fit. I know a 6970 will fit in a Vulcan, so I am leaning towards that... at the moment.

I've set a budget for $150.00 shipped.

Here area a few cards I am considering:

On the cheap:

ATi 7770

Nvidia 470 gtx


ATi 6970

Nvidia 560 Ti

I'm not really sure what I should get at this point. Ive been out of the GPU world for a while now.

I need something that will run on higher resolution


League of Legends


Planet Side 2

I don't think the games I play are that graphic intense so I don't necessarily want to go overkill but I do want to max out the games I will be playing.

Would like something that has HD? If thats possible? haha

Any tips would be great.


I have so far:

AMD 6100 FX

No PSU yet, would like to get a 550 Gold or similar price range.

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you could get a HD 7870 2GB and sell the game coupons

HIS ICEQ HD 7870 - USD 220 (210 after mail in rebate)


NZXT VULCAN can fit graphics cards upto 35 cm length. the HIS card is around 29.5 cm long.


have you already bought the cpu. if not go for fx-6300 (piledriver). fx-6300 is 15 - 20% faster than fx-6100 even at same clocks. for just 20 bucks more the fx-6300 is a much better cpu.



FX-8350 (4 Ghz) - 64
FX-6300 (3.5 ghz) - 58
FX-4170(4.2 ghz) - 55
FX-6200(3.8 Ghz) - 53

you can clearly see the bulldozer based fx-4170 and fx-6200(3.8 ghz) run slower than fx-6300. its easy to see that fx-6300 running at 4 ghz would be close to fx-8350(4 ghz) at 64 fps.


FX-8350 (4 Ghz)- 50
FX-6300 (3.5 ghz) - 43
FX-8170 (3.9 Ghz) - 40
FX-6200(3.8 Ghz) - 38

from the above its easy to see FX-8350 at 4 ghz (Piledriver) is 25% faster than FX-8170 at 3.9 ghz( bulldozer). so on a per clock basis the diff between piledriver and bulldozer is more than 20%.
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