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What could be holding back my OC'ing??

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I've attempted a first-time OC with my brother's PC

Specs are

Intel E5200 2.5ghz
Intel DG31pr
1 GB Kingston ddr2-800
Coolermaster 460w PSU
Stock fan (lol...)

OC'ed the cpu using setfsb since the mobo does not have any ocing controls.
OC to 3ghz (240fsb), intel burn test reported stable but.....
the system freezes from time to time and would not shutdown properly (it hangs)

lowered the OC to 2.9ghz (232fsb) and it worked normally. I bet the max stable clocks I could attain with that setup is between 2.9-3ghz. Temps are identical on both OCs (56-58 degrees C idle). What part could be seriously holding back my OC?
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The Intel boards generally aren't very good at overclocking. Also a stock fan isn't going to get you very high. And the CoolerMaster eXtremePower 460W PSU is junk.

Make sure your RAM is running at or below its rated specs, that could be causing the freezes.
Make sure your RAM is running at or below its rated specs said:
Would I need to downclock my ram?

Ahhh, If the dg31pr really is preventing the OC, then I wont be buying any of those intel branded boards.

The PSU....I thought sticking a psu with nominal voltage and amps would be enough. Looks like I was wrong.
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