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Building a rig soon with a more powerful phase unit for 24/7 use ( NL11F + quiet fans )

Problem I'm having is what CPU to run under it, the whole point is for enhanced overclocks, the kind of overs you just can't run on water.

Running a 2500k currently at 5.5Ghz with 1.53v and EVAP loads at -30c during Intel Burn Test.

No point in running Ivt Bridge as the heat transfer is rubbish and I'm bored with Sany bridge.

I can't afford a 2011 system so that leaves me with a few options..

1. A Phenom 2, overclocked my old 1075T to 4.8Ghz daily on a my first ever unit ( 220w max rated and was a bit naff ) and would love another bash.
2. An FX chip, could hit 6Ghz+ on these daily nuder phase but power consumption will be pure evil at that clock
3. An older Intel CPU, a socket 1336 or 1156 CPU, how's x58 on phase?

Want something with a bit of ooomph and a fun factor
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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