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Hi there!
I've read a lot last days but i'm still overwhelmed. I am so noob...
I intend to buy a new case and in same time i would like to start a custom loop watercooling.
After many hours reading about, i still don't know which case is better for the best (largest) radiator on top. RX360 Triple Fan Radiator V3 is a good example i supposed. Maybe there are others better, so... please feel free to comment, any info is much appreciated!
I was looking at NZXT HH440 and to Fractal Define R5 case but the second one have the "thickness limitation of 55mm for both radiator + fan applies on 420, 280 and 140 mm radiators" i've quoted from their specification. I don't understand, if i'll mount a 360 radiator that thickness limitation is not apply?
So... what case would be better and don't have such a thickness limitation? Or, i could mount that radiator on Define R5?
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