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I have just built my home server - it's based in Ubuntu server (NFS, Samba, DLNA, ...). For now I have installed the OS on 20GB partition on one of data HDDs (3TB). However, I guess it's better to have OS (root partition) and boot partition on separate drive/device. The question is, what type of device to use?
- small HDD ? But I only need about 10 GB so it's a vaste of space
- SSD ? Seems to be an overkill for server that will be up 24/7...on the other hand I can have one for about 50EUR
- USB flash drive? I'm litle bit woried about i's lifetime- I guess OS (Ubuntu) does write something quite often, doesn't it?
Thanks in advance for recommendations/ideas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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