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What different between GPU NV40 and NV 48 ???

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I've just bought a Nvidia 6800 Ultra VGA card..it GPU is NV48 !!
with a price $ 255 USD. !!!

but I'm wonder that ...what different between NV40 and NV48 although they both Geforce 6800 Ultra ??
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Originally Posted by Acoma_Andy

Well I know the NV40 is unlockable, don't know about the NV48. Maybe you should take a peek in Rivatuner although your Ultra card probably already has 16/6?

All the 6800GT and 6800ultra cards are already at 16/6 with GDDR3. The 6800 is at 12/5 and the 6800LE 6800XT are at 8/4.
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