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Hey everyone. So I am looking at acquiring a new graphics card and I want to know what the world thinks I should get.

The spec requirements;
PCI-E(16x 2.1 or 3)
CrossfireX capable
Under $350 before taxes

I will say I am a huge AMD radeon fan but I am willing to branch out into a different brand.

I was looking at a 6950 AMD Radeon HD card and the ASUS Radeon 7870 Both are 2 GB for video mem but the ASUS had a Higher core clock but a lower mem clock and the AMD 6950 was vise versa. I also saw a Sapphire Radeon 7870 as well. It was sorta in the middle for core and video clock.

Tell me your ideas and all will be considered and appreciated. Thanks for the help
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