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I'm planning to venture into the mobile app market and create a simple but addictive 2D game for a personal project and milestone in my high school career. BUT I really need some info to help get me started.

So I want to conduct a small survey to gather some info that will greatly help the preparation and design process.

Please answer all of the questions!

What pacing do you prefer? Reactionary and fast paced? slower and more progressive? other?
How long would a session of gaming be? 2-3 minute rounds? 5-10minutes? why?
What kind of art style do you prefer? Cartoony? Simple 8-bit? other?
Do you prefer listening to your own music while playing?
What conveniences would you like to see in a game?
What genre do you prefer?

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1) A Mario World-like paced game.. Unless it's an RPG; then I want it to be slow.

2) From 15 to 30 minutes avg. Because that's the time I spend gaming on the toilet, on the train, on the bus, and in between classes.

3) I love 8bit, but some people find it annoying. Cartoony and simplistic is a must.

4) No, except if the game has some terribad music.

5) A clear objective, with multiple ways to achieve it. No princess please. A story that guides you. Not like Gurb, which leaves you to God's hand to do what you think is adequate.

6)RPG/non-linear 2D platformer (multiple ways to end the level). If it's an RPG, it needs to have a guiding story. In a platform game, well I need it aswell to have a motivation, but doesn't need to be as worked out.

Hope I've helped, and good luck with the game!
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