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What do you think is causing my PC to lockup when I'm racing GTL?

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Here's the specifics......
Athlon64 [email protected] 2.64 w/1.396v
Multiplier locked at 11
Bus speed 240/ HT link 960
2x1024mb Supertalent DDR400 PC3200
.....set to 333 or 166, but OCed to 187
.....and with stock DDR400 timings of 3-3-3-8
.....and stock 1.65v
HIS AGPx1950 pro turbo not OC

Do you think there is something wrong with the way I've got my memory setup or do I maybe need more core voltage on my CPU? Thanks for any advice
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It could be a couple things.
HDD's can get all clustered and hold up data occasionally.
But, more than likely it is your ram clocked at 187. Am I reading that right?
Run Memtest and see if your ram gives you errors.
I downloaded memtest, burned it to a cd and ran it through 1 pass with 0 errors. So that's good. And yes you read that correctly I've got my DDR 400 set to 377. The reason being is I had to knock the FSB multiplier down from 5 to 4 because my CPU multiplier is locked, and I didn't want my HT link being way over 1000 when I upped my FSB.

According to my research, my MOBO is capable of a FSB much higher than 240 and my CPU is definitely not OC beyond it's potential. I think I'll try giving the CPU a little more juice and test using GTLegends. If it goes good I think I'll try bumping the FSB up a little more seeing how my RAM is still underclocked.

Any more suggestions would be great

UPDATE: I upped the voltage of my CPU and no more crash.....only 55c max after an hour of racing. I think I dare go higher even though there's really no need
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Have you tested your overclock with Prime95, OCCT or any other programs like that? That will stress your cpu out 100%, if you get 3hrs and no errors, you're stable, if not add voltage.

Just remember to watch your temps as this will make your processor get to it's highest temp, on that voltage. When you up voltages temps goes higher, keep that in mind.

A good temp monitoring program is coretemp or HWmonitor. Both are free.
Thanks for the advice Craig.
I upped the FSB to 250 x 4 = 1000 HT link, with a multi of 11 brings my chip up to 2750 mHz which is an OC of 500 mHz! And now my DDR400 is running at 394. ohh I also upped the CPU voltage to just under 1.5v and turned the fan up a bit before I went to 2.75. It feels like a good place to stop.

I'll run Prime95 or OCCT tomorrow.....more race testing tonight

UPDATE: well the race testing went ok, but then I ran prime95 for 3 minutes and had 1 fatal error, hardware failure detected. I also noticed after looking at Motherboard Monitor that most of my voltages(NB core, CPU core,DDR, DDR-VVT, and AGP-VDDQ) suffered a major low spike of .63v, but also I noticed that all of my temperatures show a low of -84c, so I don't really know how much that can be trusted. I basically know what I need to do...lots of testing, but in any case I'm still all ears.
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