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What Docking station?

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Hey guys its nearly Christmas and im looking for a docking station for my Missus.

It has to be compatible with a Ipod Touch 2nd Gen and under £50 please. I have looked all over the place and cant seam to find one I like.

Please help!
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What are some of the places that you have looked at for a dock? Why can't you find the one that you want? Is it a matter of not liking any or simply not having seen any yet in your price range that you like?
I just havents seen any in my price range that I like also the details on them are very vague.

Ive looked on ebay, amazon, play.com and tesco.

That's one. It's white, not sure you like white. Seemed when I searched google there were plenty of options.
I also used 50 dollars so there should be better at 83 dollars.
cheers but im in the UK.
think ive confussed you all. Im looking for a docking station not a little dock thingy.

I will change the title, sorry!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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