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A res is not needed at all but it does make for an easier way to fill/empty the system and bleed the air from it.

DD has the fillport thing now where you just dump the water down an extra length of tubing instead of a res.

A res does not "let in" extra water, omg! The res is part of the complete system and the water contained within it is circulating all the time.

I have the small cylinder res from dd. That is really all you need. The bay res and double bay res are more for show than anything else and if you have the extra bays and money then they are fine but really not needed for a good system.

The rbx blocks have 3 fittings and you need a "y" splitter for them. With the advent of the TDX block you do not even need to buy an rbx anymore. Get a tdx that has only two connectors and skip all the extra tubing and hassle; they perfom about the same.
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