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Originally Posted by atvkid1090

yeah basically all it does is hold extra water for the pump, if the pump gets too low it lets in new water from the resivoir... as far as keeping air out, i dont know... it probably would if it was higher up than the pump... but you should bleed the system completely because air could get trapped in the highest part of the tubing... just make sure that it gets bled COMPLETELY

EDIT: Um as far as a good resivoir, you could probably make a good one as big as you want, and as complex as you want, you could make one to stick to the outside of the case and make it hold a ton of h2o or w/e mix you have... i'd go with a custom made one, but i'll try and find a link for you... give me a lil bit nd il find a good one...

Thank you and i got one more question, for the Danger Den - RBX Block do i need a "T" tubing FITTINGS ???
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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