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What does the dsp mean?

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What does the dsp mean in Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit DSP OEM DVD. Will this work for intalling on a computer without a previous os for personal use.
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What is DSP and OEM software?

DSP means "Delivery Service Partner". OEM means "Original Equipment Manufacturer" and normally would have the hardware manufacturer's name stamped on it. DSP software is similar to OEM software however there is no manufacturer's name stamped on the manual or printed on the license. DSP software is more generic and OEM software is sold directly to the computer manufacturer. Thus the distribution channel is different for DSP. DSP software is distributed for smaller system integrators and system builder hobbyists for "clone" or no-name computers. Like OEM versions, DSP versions often come with only an electronic help manual, which is built-in to the software or a small getting-started manual. The software itself contains the same programs as the Retail Box version, except the Retail Box version normally comes with a small printed manual. Both OEM and DSP Microsoft software include a COA, which is a Certificate Of Authenticity label or sticker from the manufacturer.

Since DSP and OEM software is typically sold to more advanced users, system builders and computer consultants there is no technical support provided by the software manufacturer. However, because of the substantial support savings to the manufacturer the DSP and OEM versions are offered for sale at a significantly lower price.

If you are not a system builder, retail computer store, or computer consultant (upgrading a computer with a hard-drive or motherboard), our DSP and OEM software products will automatically be shipped with a qualified hardware component at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Microsoft's System Builder software Program is excellent cost-saving programs that can represent great cost savings for you and can help system builders add value to their hardware and services.


OEM and DSP operating system software from Microsoft cannot be installed as an Upgrade, unless the old hard drive has been formatted or you are installing a new formatted hard drive. If you format your existing hard drive in order to install your new operating system, you cannot use the original manufacturer's recovery disk before loading the new operating system. You can load the new operating system without using the original manufacturer's recovery disk. Most or all of the component drivers should be located on the new Windows CD and therefore your recovery disk (if you have one) is not required. CLICK HERE for formatting and partitioning hard drive information.

OEM and DSP non-operating system software (such as Microsoft Office, Works Suite, WordPerfect, etc.) also cannot be installed over a previous version as an Upgrade. Installation of newer versions of OEM and DSP software on hard drives where older versions were previously installed will add updated system .dll's and .ocx's which will render the older version inoperable. We recommend that you back-up your old files on some reliable media such as CD-R, ZIP disk, or floppy disks and then UN-INSTALL your previous software version before installing the newer OEM or DSP version. You may also purchase a retail box upgrade version (if available) which will install over a previous older version and transfer your older files into the newer version. Most manufacturers allow upgrades only from versions that are 2 versions old.
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