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What drivers should i use...

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Well just installed a X850xt Sapphire. I dont know if i should use the 6.2 catalyst
or the drivers that came with it...it has CATALYST DRIVER SUITENver. 5.8
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ya those are pretty old drivers, i would go with the 6.2 drivers they are working great for me, just make sure you completely unistall the old ones
I think Xavier tested the 6.1s and he showed a decrease in performance. I'm using the Omega 2.6.87 which is based off of the 5.13 driver set from ATI. If you can find that one give it a shot. Otherwise just use the most updated version of drivers since it provides fixes for games that you might be playing.
I like the 5.11's
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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