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What games have made you cry? (spoilers)

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Looking back, there are only 4 moments in 3 videogames that were just too much for me to keep a straight face on.

Final Fantasy VII
When Aerith died, and when Cait Sith died

Lost Odyssey
When Kaim watches Lirum fall off a cliff and presumably die

Mass Effect 3
If you mess up the quarian/geth thing and watch Tali commit suicide
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Doom 3 made my ex girlfriend cry. That is about all I can think of.
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When FF VII came out and Aerith died. The whole world blew up. It was so talked about. People were mad, angry, sad or just did not know how we felt, as it was a major player to have died in a RPG with video.
I know I cried with disbelief on why would they do this.

As for your point in ME3 for Tali suicide, was shocking. To some it was not shocking, but if your played all and took a liking to all characters, then it was just bad.
I could not let her die.
In FFXI, when I deleted my level 75 characters (back in vanilla).

Saddest day ever.
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