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What happened to my i7/Bloodrage rig? No overclock!

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Just got this thing assembled and overclocked this weekend...all was well. i7 920 and my shiny new BloodRage. I had it humming along at 3.8ghz (right at 4 with cpu turbo on) without a hitch. Ran some prime95 burn ins to check stablility and it looked good. I get home from dinner w/ the inlaws, reboot after installing the chipset drivers and now the system REFUSES to accept any overclock....not even a FSB of 134!!! ***? Anyone have any experience with this? I'm suspecting it's the bloodrage. It's a great board with it's doing what it's supposed to, but I've encountered more than just a little flakiness. PLEASE ADVISE!
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seriously? 29 reads and not a single comment?
did you try to load defaults in the bios? or reset CMOS? I would start there and see whats up.
yep tried that. That's the only way I was able to get into windows to post this. Even if I only enable the System Turbo feature (which enables OC settings on the BloodRage) and don't actually overclock anything, it still won't boot. It does this partial post thing when it starts the post summary and shows the proc clock and multi, but doesn't show the amount of memory or mem speed...then it just freezes and reboots itself.

I was wondering if it could be the cpu, but i'm not overclocking at all and can reproduce the problem. I'm beginning to think BloodRage Hype > BloodRage.
I would post here, they have actual foxconn workers to help you.


What is your bios the current latest is P09
You need to disable the overclock recovery in the bios, for some reason it prevents overclocking, its a bug in a the bios, and I have no idea if they intend to fix it. Turning it off allowed me to overlcock my cpu again, before I was having the same issues you were.
thanks fellas...good information.

I found the problem. It's a strange one and I'm not entirely sure why it's a problem, but here's the deal:

I noticed that the boot sequence was appearing to hang for a few seconds after the initial post info was displayed. It felt like it was waiting for my USB keyboard to come online because as soon as the keyboard lights came on, the boot sequence would continue. So I started thinking it could be a USB thing. Then i remembered that I had plugged in an exteral USB hdd to move some stuff from my old machine. Unplugged the USB HDD and it works again. I was able to load my saved OC settings and it booted just fine.


Thanks for the posts.
when that happens on my bloodrage (from trying to get real high OCs) I take out the bios battery for a few mins and it works fine again

Originally Posted by tha d0ctor View Post
when that happens on my bloodrage (from trying to get real high OCs) I take out the bios battery for a few mins and it works fine again
Is that necessary since you could just move the vbat jumper to discharge.
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