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What Has been The Max OC For A Q9300?

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Hey, I currently have my Q9300 OC'd at 3.2Ghz, but I did have it at 3.5, but I did not get to see if it ran stable, due to me only having a stock Intel CPU fan (Junk), but I just ordered my 1st Water-Cooled Kit, and once I install that I wanna OC it to 3.5Ghz, and see if it's stable, but what is the most that any of you got it to run at (Stable)? Thanks!
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I don't have one, but I've seen most people hit a wall around 3.6ghz. The multiplier is only 7.5x, so to have it run at 3.6ghz, you'll need a 480mhz fsb, which will stress the motherboard pretty bad.
I've heard some peoples here got it up to around 3.7GHz stable 24/7.
Nice, well I just got mine at 3.5Ghz, without the water-cooled yet, and its at 37C, so thats awesome, I think I'll leave it like it is.
Its will do about 3.6-3.7Ghz with water! But you will need alot of MoBo volts!
yea your board is gonna need to be a sweet 500FSB board. A Q6600 still poops all over the Q9300 anyday and it doesnt need to have a sick board to get 3.8ghz
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