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What HDD's should I get for my rig?

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So I got my rig below, what hdd's would you guys recommend? I was thinking 2 320gb WD AAKS drives in RAID 0.

I would like to spend like $120 on a couple drives. I really don't need more than 300gb total because the RAID 0 setup will only have my OS, games, progs on it. All my media is stored on my 1tb hdd.

Are those 320gb AAKS drives really good in raid?
Is raid 0 the best raid setup performance wise in price/performance ratio?
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first choice is this. I know the money issue but you asked for advise and I will give you to straight poop.

Choice 1. 2x SSDs in raid0

Choice 2. 2x WD raptors in raid0


Choice 3. 2x 32mb cache wd 500 @ 7200 rpm.


The third one is in your price range and is 32 mb cache. This compensates for the decrease in motor speed. Plus both of these are a nice little tera-byte. Yum....
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They should be perfectly fine bro.

As far as your question about Raid 0, take a look here.

That may answer many of your questions.
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