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What i need to make a fan controller

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if i want to make a simple fan controller all i need is a potentiometer right? but what kind of pot would i need? im looking at the ones on the radioshack website, can anybody help me out?
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Yeah, you could do it that way. Personally though I'm going to build a voltage regulator based on the information on this link. I'd like to control more that one fan with this circuit. I've also seen a kit that has everything you'd need including a circuit board. Where you'd get that just now I don't know, that link must be on my other computer, I'm "on the road again" and on the laptop.

In order to help you any further on just using a potentiometer I'd need to know how many amps that fan draws. That information should be on the fan's label.
it draws .26A at 12v
Here's what you're going to need... a 5k ohm pot and a 100 ohm 1 watt resistor.
R1 100 ohm 1 watt resistor
R2 5k ohm pot
You'll want to wire them up as shown in my rather crude circuit drawing (sorry I'm not all that good with MS paint, but you'll get the idea).

This circuit should vary the voltage to your fan from 7 - 12 volts.
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but what kind of pot would i need?

Oh boy, did I screw up my first design. I'm suprised no one else caught it. Anyway, I up loaded a corrected drawing.
Or you could purchase one of..these..they work fantastic and have excellent voltage control for such an inexpensive unit.

If you wish to remove the logos and such from the front to have it all plain black just use some acetone on a rag and a little elbow grease. They look sweet installed then (I like the lean and clean look)
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