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What is a FedEx "business day"?

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My new subwoofer was set "out for delivery on the next business day" yesterday morning. I know FedEx delivers on Sundays, so what does that mean?
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Originally Posted by Arrec Barrwin View Post
Interesting. I just read an article in Wired (or maybe it was Popular Mechanics... I don't remember) about specifically this. They tested USPS, FedEx, and UPS for package safety (used accelerometers, measured Gs, etc. over many different cross-country trips) and found FedEx to be the worst

I think at one point the package clocked a 9 G hit (with FedEx).

They also found that putting "Fragile" or the like on a box made it more likely to be banged around. Lol.

Ya well im never shipping a heavy package again with ups or fedex im gonna use private shippers on uship they wont be as fast but my item will arrive in good shape.
My o2r has 1/4 in thick steel sides and they sheared it not bent sheared that takes a massive hit. But the board still works and they paid so it was free. Sad i cant say the same for my SL40 i have to replace all 56 faders.
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