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What is a good gaming mouse that fits my need?

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Right now, I currently own Gigabyte Gaming Mouse that cost between $10-$15


However the soft rubber side grip is annoying the hell out of me. It keep sliding up to my thumb mouse buttons, so I have no choice to take it out and reposition it. Luckily, I don't have to use glue or anything.

Here's what the mouse's requirements that I want.

- Decent quality
- Durable
- More than two thumb mouse buttons
- Wired or Wireless depending which it is better. (Maybe show me both of the wired and wireless, so I can see)
- Medium Size mouse to Large Size mouse. (My hand is quite big and small mouse doesn't work nor feel comfortable in my hand)
- Umm, budget... it is kind of hard to say because I don't have a clear sight of what an appropriate gaming mouse cost. Maybe under $100?
- If possible to have a side-scroll mouse wheel.

Also, it's not like I am going to buy it today or anything, but I just want a clear idea what gaming mouse I should get once my Gigabyte mouse break.

FYI, DPI isn't important, well, at least not to me. I don't use DPI over 800 DPI because I have been use to 800 DPI for couple of years while playing games, so I am comfortable with it.
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I would definitely recommend the Logitech G700.

Great grip, all black, 5 different profiles, and lots of buttons. You'll love it.
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