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What is ATX 12V 2x4

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what is the use of it
an what will happen if i use a 4-pin in it, it need 8 pin
this is for
athlon 2 240
and no graphic card
only basics to run the PC
can i do it??

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Yes you can, with your dual core only one 4 pin(ATX) is really needed anyways. 8pin(EPS) is mainly for quad core CPU's and overclocking(even then 4 pin will probably be enough, it'll just deliver cleaner power, also).
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i really needed for aassurance
the pc is up and running

just out of crusity
how far can i overclock with this setup
20A on 12V
That depends on how well your CPU overclocks, you're not going to be bound by your power supply.

You have 240W on the 12V rail, by the way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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