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What is CPU Lapping?

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thanks in advance.
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When you sand down the top of the cpu to make the surface more flat. this creates better contact with the heat sink which you usually lap as well to allow for better heat transfer.
the sanding and polishing of a cpu in order to give it a flatter surfae and therefore better contact with the heatsink requiring less tim and increasing the transfer of heat.
Sanding the heatspreader of a CPU to make it flatter, which in turn will allow it to have better contact with the CPU cooler and will result in lower temperatures.
Where the CPU runs around a track and passes the other CPU...

Ugh, horrible joke. It's Friday and I want to go home.

Seriously, it's basically making the surface as flat, smooth, and even as possible so that it makes the best possible contact with the cooler. This results in lower temperatures. People use specific grades of sand paper, etc.

*Wow, in the time it took to type that, three people responded haha.
Lapping is a process by which you polish the semi-smooth contact surface of your CPU into a mirror-polished surface. You can do it to just the CPU heatsink or to the CPU and heatsink. I only recommend doing it to the heatsink, there's too much risk doing it to the CPU.

Anyway, the smoother contact surface lets the heatsink dissipate hear more efficiently, which can make the CPU run cooler when you overclock.
WOW thats news to me had no idea you can sand a cpu! whoa

thanks for info guys lol.
All of the above are correct.
And I'll add that lapping the processor voids the warranty and that you risk bending pins depending on how you do it.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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