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I'm overclocking my system. Should this option be on AUTO, or Disabled?

Also, what does it do exactly?

While we're at it, what does "Hyper Path 3" do, and should I have that enabled or disabled as well? Thanks for any help!
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System Memory Power and Thermal Management

Review of your board: http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/mai...5w64-ws_6.html

When we got down to some overclocking experiments, we discovered something not very nice: the mainboard was extremely unstable at any frequencies even slightly over 300MHz FSB. Of course, maybe the mainboard designed for financial professionals isn't intended to deal with something like overclocking at all, and that was something I thought about at first. Despite this fact, I kept trying and finally discovered the source of the issue. When digging through the options of the mainboard BIOS I enabled the Hyper Path 3 parameter intended to accelerate work with memory. Once I set it to Auto or Disabled, all overclocking issues disappeared.
Thanks for the help regarding Hyper Path 3. But regarding DRAM Throttling Threshold, your first link was very complex and in depth, and doesn't really answer my ultimate question- should I have this option enabled or disabled for the best overclock?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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