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What is he best High OC air cooler AMD x6

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Need help wanna buy the dh-14 but is it the best for an X6 at 4.2?

What is best? Would like the cheapest too. I only plan to go 4.2 when gaming or encoding. And 3.6 when not.
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That's one of the best air coolers but I would suggest water cooling kits like the h50 or h70 or possible antec kuhlers.
Used Megahalem coolers can be had pretty cheap and would have no problem cooling an X6 like that.
What about the Silver Arrow? where can i get a Used cooler In LA?
man get h70 or antec kuhler seriously ! my 24/7 4.2 ghz 1090t stays idle at 16-18c at winter time and i keep my room really warm.
Try Craigslist or buy from the Marketplace here.
Go for mega check out my temps from yesterdays oc
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Side note here: H50 & H70 do not outperform the top aircooling heatsinks such as the Silver Arrow (best), D-14 (2nd best), Venomous X (so on), Cogage Arrow (and so on), & Megahalems.

If you want watercooling, step up to the plate with a real kit like XSPC Rasa RS/RX series if you don't want to spend alot out of the gate.
Depends on your budget I would say. Titan Fenrir would be a good catch if your on a tight budget. If not anyway, try getting Noctua NH- D14 or Thermalright Silver arrow..
from my experience Noctua NHD14. Good perfmormance and quiet. V6GT is simillary, but more noise. Good combination is 1283 DK, but u need chaniging fan at this for higher performance
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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