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what is msi 970a-g46 bios cpu usage? running hot

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a slightly different question then the one I asked on another forum. I just built a computer using the board in the title, Using a FX-8350 with a stock cooler in bios its reading a temp of 60* celsius.
i have read in some areas that in bios its not idle and is actually using a lot of the cpu Is this true? And if so about how much?
I don't have an os installed yet just looking at bios to check temps. is this normal or is the bios miss reading the temps or is it something wrong with the cpu?
p.s i have re applied the TIM 3 times 3 different ways that's not it.
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MSI boards are bad about this. I've got an A75IA and if I sit in the bios too long both the CPU and the system temps creep up to near full load temps. The temps actually do seem to climb up a fair piece too as if I sit in the bios for awhile then boot into windows and quickly start a hardware monitoring program I can watch the temps go back down to where they belong at idle.

I wouldn't be over concerned with what the bios is telling you temperature wise. Go ahead and get your OS installed and see what the utilities start telling you there.

Note: The CD that came with the board will probably have a program called MSI control center on it. When I asked MSI about the bios temps, the tech told me to go by what control center was quoting over what the bios reads.
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thanks a lot it was hard to find a real answer on other forums! yeah and it did come with the disk, might as well wait for my aftermarket air cooler to come tomorrow before i get all the wire management done
Certainly! Glad I could help.
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