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What is rampage formula?

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I've been wondering what this is on certain mobos.
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Rampage Formula is ASUS' high end X48//DDR2 motherboard. It's very good for people who want to push their quads to 450-500 FSB, or even higher under water.
A very high-end x48 motherboard.
Rampage Formula is a fully featured high end DDR2, X48 motherboard designed for enthusiasts and gamers.
A Rampage Formula? Ya sometimes I get one of those while lapping.
^^ ROFLMAO but answering the OP the rampage forumla is a x48 with DDR2 1200 Support and Very good for OCing
Very nice easy to OC MB
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its allows for more options to tweak the ram over the p5e deluxe, or you could get a p5e deluxe and flash it to the rampage formula
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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