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What is SMP?

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Im currently trieing to achieve a dual core fold. But with the client from stanford Im only utilising %50, around 25 from each core. What is smp and how can I get it to run? Also can I transfer the wu from what ive already got running?
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Heres a screenie of the client im using and core utilization.
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SMP= Symmetric Multi Processing. Uses both (or all four) cores in unison to emulate one stronger, faster processor.
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Thanks, so where can I get such a client and can can I transfer the wu Im currently running?
You could finish the WU you are currently folding, then switch to the new client. For running on vista, there are a few tips you will want to know about.

1. Disable UAC
2. You will need to use a password to log in to Vista (same goes for any windows version if you want to run SMP)

If you want some help, take a look at this tread. If you still have issues, feel free to post in this thread and we will help you out. This thread has some Vista specific info in post #9.

@ xero I installed that client but it wouldnt work, installed the old in the same folder, is now working but isnt utilizing 100% of my cpu. Edit im using xp.
Check out the post just above yours. After you read through the install, and follow the steps, let us know how it goes. If you run in to errors, be very specific about what error you are having. We can provide better assistance if the error is more discriptive than "didn't work".
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Whats ocns team number?
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Thank you all, cpu now at 100%, but wierd lower temps than 50%. But thanks again guys!!!!
There is no way my cpu is at 100% unless orthos just gets it that much hotter. Orthos load 45/57, folding 42/40. Can this be right?
I think Im going to stick to the regular client for although its half the cpu useage, it heats it up more and gets more done, thanks for all the help though.
SMP will get a lot more done. Different WUs will heat up your CPU differently. Some are heavily weighted towards memory, so they tend to heat up your cpu less, others are the opposite, and will heat up you cpu more. In the end, I have yet to see actual folding hit temps that Orthos hits.

If you can run SMP and hit the times, you will get several times as much production out of it compared to a single core client. I realy dont understand how you can equate cpu temperature to folding production.
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