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What is the best motherboard?

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I would like to know right what is the best motherboard brand out there ??? For Intel chip's !!!
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Any motherboard with an nForce 4 SLI-IE chipset for an Intel set-up is pure garbage. Disregard Anandtech's Gary Key and his poor knowlege on overclocking and the actual product that the actual consumer buys on the streets. Because they'll never be as good, stable and reliable as any MoBo with an Intel Core Logic for an Intel set-up.

If you want brands? Then it depends, the number 1 choice will always be ASUSTek fallow by GIGABYTE, unfortunately ABIT pretty much bit the bullet so anything else besides those brands will be for extreme low budget, such as ECS, FoxConn, Epox and BIOSTAR.........the rest I wouldn't consider, not even worth mentioning them, and yes I have experience with some of them and not good ones btw.

As long as any of the MoBo brands noted above have an Intel Core Logic they'll be worth buying, I know I wouldn't spend a penny on ANY nForce 4 MoBo.
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Really nasgul?

is it that the CPU's don't overclock as far as they could with Intel Chipsets?

Why do you call them garbage?

(wewt 2,420)
Well, lightsource;

I was one of those that "thought" that the nForce 4 for the Intel platform was going to be as good as the ones for AMDs but didn't hold my breath entirely, as I've seen SiS and VIA completely failed at it.

As I always do, I check what other people's reactions are to the new hardware that they test and what the final experience ends up to be.........in the case of the nForce 4 SLI-IE it's been a huge fiasco in terms of overclocking and the chipset needs low-latencies because it chokes on CAS4 or CAS5.

In the end (after two or three months), the reviews started to come out and by reviews I mean from people that have actually bought the boards and 99.99% of them, the buyer/user was hugely disappointed and either ended up selling the board on eBay, returning it or selling them in the "for sale" section.

As far as I know there's only been one single person saying that the board was good, but acknowledged that the 955X was a better chipset all around. In terms of performance, ability to overclock, reliable and stable, nothing beats an Intel Core Logic............

We've seen SiS and VIA getting out of the ring but unfortunately nVidia will remain in it, because there's a large ammount of people that swear by nVidia products. I only buy nVidia video cards but will never buy an nForce chipset MoBo for an Intel set-up. And yes, you can OC an Intel CPU all the way upto 400mhz fsb and the 955X will not die.....the nForce 4's die anywhere between 260 to 300fsb.
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Wow, thanks for telling me that.

You really know what ur talking about. Good job
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Originally Posted by dani

get this i got the non E one of the best ocers


Yea, thats the one I put.
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