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So Atom+ION or AMD Fusion. Both performs identically regarding performance/watt and performance/price?

Which models exactly?

After google'ing a bit:

Atom N5xx and D5xx; Fusion E-350.

Are these the models you're talking about?

Another question:

Is a netbook with Atom D5xx only (without ION graphics) that worse than one with Fusion E-350? (regarding graphics power of course)

What about Atom D5xx + ION versus Fusion E-350?

Sorry for the many questions.

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Any Atom without an ION is basically something that can't do much graphically. In Windows I've had them struggle at times to do basic DVD level video.

You don't want a D500 series Atom because that is a desktop processor and will needlessly waste battery life. The N500 series Atoms + ION are the lowest you should go if you want HD playback to have a chance.

As for the AMD side the C-50 is slow for CPU but will easily handle HD playback. The E-350 is the best of "netbook" chips overall if you can find it in a netbook under 12 inches.

However, I find that Nvidia's Pure Video HD decoder and the APIs/programs that use it such as DxVA and VDPAU look the best. That's just my personal experience but it only comes with a bit of tinkering so I doubt it will matter that much to the majority of people.
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