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What is the fastest regular HDD and the fastest SSD?

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I want the fastest possible regular(no VelociRaptor) HDDs and one very fast about 120GB SSD for Windows 7, some programs and games.

What is the best solution today?
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Velociraptor and OCZ's huge 1TB PCIe SSD... whatever that's called.
The Samsung F3 and the Western Digital Caviar Black are the fastest 7200 RPM drives. Of course the V-Raptor is faster, but it has a far worse gigabyte/$ ratio
The fastest solid state drives are RAMDisks...

that WD 1TB HDD is a very fast high capacity HDD especially if you put it in RAID 0 with another.

also the samsung F3 is another very viable option. both trade blows

as far as the king of SSDs in the 120GB realm i believe the ocz vertex turbo is the fastest
I think WD 1TB Black was one of the fastest.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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