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What is the most high-end TN panel monitor (for consumer level)

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Hi everyone,
I have 8 monitors at home, although not really high-end models. And my daily driver is an HP Omen X25(TN panel 240Hz) as I'm a competitive gamer.
I've been curious about "high-end" TN panels lately.
Some people say the high-end TN panels can rival IPS in color re-production. And they said Lenovo Y27gq-25 is an example for high-end TN monitor.
But this model has been discontinued 2 years ago.
Is there any other good TN monitors that are available in North America?
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Not going to find much. Since IPS has closed the gap on speed and response, IPS is the defacto high end for the most part these days. There is no real advantage to TN besides being cheaper. And that is changing now too. You can get pretty good sub $200 IPS screens for office/work use. The days of the TN panel are looking to be coming to an end. My guess, TN will die soon. IPS will be the standard and OLED will come down to fill the high end area more. Then the next new tech will push those out.
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