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I want to start out working on soft-modding my 7850 to the pro analogue, but i can't figure out which is the analog. I have checked model numbers and stuff, but its just not adding up.

Any suggestions?

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Not to discourage you, but I doubt it if you need to ask which one is the Professional version of the HD 7850. Nothing personal.

There hasn't been a softmod available for the HD 6900 series or the HD 7000 series so that's why if you weren't able to figure out which one is the Pro version you will not be able to get the modded BIOS for the Firepro either.

The Firepro V5900/V7900 are based off Cayman (hd 6950/HD6970) , Firepro W5000 is based off HD 7850 (pitcairn) but with less stream processors/shaders and Firepro W7000 is Pitcairn XT HD 7870 with downclock & 4GB RAM ECC. W8000/W9000 are based off Tahiti (HD7950/HD7970/HD 7870 Tahiti LE).

Every gen since HD 4000 series is basically locked hardware-wise. Even if you get the Firepro BIOS, output ports and traces are different.

Your best is to look at http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?s=6f1f4bf99be578136034cb247929af31&t=313065


... techpowerup doesn't have BIOS for it.

AMD didn't block softmoding, you can still softmod the 4xxx cards, the reason we can't softmod 5xxx or 6xxx is because: a-there is no FireGL equivalent card; b-there is no patchscript for the FireGL driver.

You don't need BIOS or softmoding the driver with a patch script for solidworks.

Solidworks is a bit dumb and you can enable the real view just by RENAMING the card to a FireGL model.
Tom's Hardware tried to softmod HD6570 into a V3900 a little while ago and decided it doesn't work:

5 min on wikipedia and paint , I made you a chart

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