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I mean seriously, here's how it works:

1. You buy something off the internet from a retailer
2. They take your money.
3. They put it in a box and ship it to you

How hard of a concept is this to master?

Apparently Walmart has not mastered step 3 yet because AGAIN I have purchased items and one item will be stuck in "processing" for 4 days until I contact Walmart (NO, THEY DON'T CONTACT YOU) and ask them where the item is that I ordered 4 days ago. Then I will get this reply:

Thank you for your value time, you’re very kind. Please allow me to explain. Your order item to be stuck in our computer system. There are several reasons that this can occur including operational and system issues. This means that the order couldn’t be processed correctly.
At this point, the best option would be to attempt to cancel the item and reorder if possible. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience because I know it’s not pleasant, if I could do something more I promise I would do it I’m so sorry.
So then I have to cancel the order, purchase it all over again and then ask for a shipping credit since the item should have had free shipping since all the items were over $35 but the item they didn't ship was $34.99 which doesn't meet the minimum requirements for free shipping.

After explaining this to the agent they responded back

Melanie S: Oh my God, I appreciate your understanding this time. Yes of course we are here to help you, no problem we are able to process a discount for shipping charges, in this case you can contact us again and we will be glad to process it for you.
So I sent an email survey back with a highly dissatisfied rating for this snide remark of "Oh my God" of hers and how many hoops a customer has to go through to get their item when it should all be taken care of on their end.

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I agree. I avoid ordering from Walmart whenever possible since they take forever to fill and ship an order. If I go for the free shipping to the store for pickup, it takes forever to get anyone to show up at the pickup counter, even after jumping Wally World employees passing by.
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