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As title.
This would not be an AMD or Intel thread, but an HEDT one.

HEDT platforms are known to be good in:
- CG non real time rendering (zbrush, 3dstudio max, blender, ecc.)
- virtual machines in general
- Java love threads
- databases
- encryption/encoding (not all kind of encoding)
- streaming while gaming

if I forgot something feel free to add to the list.

I'm a software developer and a gamer and I am considering buying an AMD Threadripper 2950X mostly because I love this monstrosity when smashing threads but...

As a software developer I have a PC in the office paid by my company, the one used at home is just for coding fun and android development.

In any case at home I mostly code java, do some database and android development.

When developing in Java IDEs cracks the CPU but a mainstream is more than enough, the output of the "code" runs on servers so really no need to have a powerful PC for this.

Databases loves threads but same reasoning here.
When you are developing or using databases on PC, it's general consensous that you need to do it with a small dataset, so no need for incredible performance here, the real performance are needed on the servers not on the PC used for developing it.

I'm an Android developer but here the same, a mainstream processor is more than enough for android development specially now that we have hardware accelerated emulators, so no benefit in HEDT.

Sometimes I do some videos with my phone just to remember that moment, my phones shots in 4K and generated files are really big.
If the video I made is not that interesting but I don't want to delete it, I use handbrake to compress it at 1080P,
so I can store it without wasting too much space. In this situation HEDT CPUs is way way faster than mainstream.

When developing I use virtual machines just to emulate Linux or containers. This is where HEDT really shows his muscles. Having a lot of thread let you run more VMs.
With threadripper I can run 3 VMs with 6 core each, it would be like having 3 PC on the same monitor. Wonderful.

Do you have similar use cases? Do you have different use cases?

share them with us I think that the thread could be interesting :)

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Landed here on google search. Agree with you Op, would have been an interesting thread. Too bad there was no pickup.

I edit video so high cores good for software encoding, ie ffmpeg… even though most of the time I use nvenc for “dailies” because it’s just so much faster.
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